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Tips For Styling A Bedroom Sanctuary You or Your Vacation Rental Guests Deserve!

Designing a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary is all about creating the right atmosphere. Whether it's for yourself or a short-term rental, bedroom design should be done with the idea of creating an environment that is inviting and promotes self-care.


Having a space that you can escape to is a gift that everyone deserves!


A bedroom retreat of your own may look different than one you'd create for an overnight guest; however, there are certain interior design elements that will work for both! 


Start by selecting a color palette that is calming and inviting - light blues and greens can be used to create a beachy vibe. 


To bring in texture, try using luxe linens, cozy rugs, comfy throws, and decorative pillows. For the perfect bedroom sanctuary, don't forget sweet-smelling candles and aromatherapy mists


A major wish-list item for my clients is organization - an organized and clean home creates a feeling of peace. When you aren’t fumbling around to find the things you need you can actually ENJOY your space. This is why I bring in functional pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and help reduce clutter


With the right bedroom design, you can make any bedroom into the perfect bedroom retreat!

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